Restaurant Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now (PHOTOS)

You might be missing out on some of the best behind-the-scenes looks into the dining industry.

From the very beginning of Instagram, food has been a popular subject of this amateur photo platform -- from Instagrammed lattes to #foodporn, we've pretty much seen it all.

But as Instagram has become an increasingly influential social media method for businesses, we've seen the relationship between Instagram and food hit a new level: Restaurant Instagram accounts. While restaurants have been slightly slower than other businesses to create and popularize accounts, the ones who are doing it right prove how powerful of a tool it can be. Both high-end restaurants and low end hole-in-the-wall joints (and everything in between) are getting in on the action, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the food, employees, ingredients and overall culture of the establishment. We've picked our 10 favorite restaurant Instagram accounts you should follow right now for a daily dose of entertainment and jaw-dropping food photography.

Gramercy Tavern (Manhattan, New York)

The Instagram account of this high-end New York restaurant is part behind-the-scenes insight and part food porn. We're particularly fond of the juxtaposition between the shots of the stainless steel kitchen and those of the extremely fresh (and beautiful) ingredients cooked up there.

ABC Kitchen (Manhattan, New York)

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The Instagram account of this notorious New York restaurant is pretty much all food porn, but they mix it up between pictures of prepared dishes and those of fresh, uncooked ingredients.

Shake Shack (original in Manhattan, New York with locations worldwide)

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If you love hamburgers, this Instagram account is for you. The fun and whimsical pictures track the expansion of this milkshake-burger-and-fries empire, and they regularly feature fan photos tagged with the #shackfan hashtag.

Del Posto (Manhattan, New York)

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The Instagram account of Mario Batali's Del Posto focuses heavily on behind-the-scenes shots of chefs in the kitchen and at restaurant events.

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (Los Angeles, California)

The Instagram of the chicken and waffles originator is so much fun, it makes us want to work there/ be best friends with whoever runs this account. Some of our favorite pictures include those of extra-special customers (namely, Obama and this little dude).

Forequarter (Madison, Wisconsin)

This Madison, WI restaurant's Instagram account routinely features some of their beautiful cocktails. Enough said.

Rolf and Daughters (Nashville, Tennessee)

This picture alone would've earned Rolf and Daughters a spot on this list, but there are luckily many more where this came from. Their Instagram is a mix of food, fun, and culinary culture.

Angler Restaurant (London, UK)

We're unsure if the term 'fangirling' can apply to an Instagram account -- but if so, that would be our reaction. If you're a fan of seafood (and not squeamish at seeing where your food comes from), this is the account for you.

The Cypress Room (Miami, Florida)

This Instagram account takes the 'food is art' concept to a whole new level, and features some of the best food porn photography we've seen.

Ava Gene's (Portland, Oregon)

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This account proves that food looks even better close-up -- this restaurant's feed is filled with beautiful and decadent micro shots.

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