Restaurant Of The Year 2013: Tre Monti - Hour Detroit

Who Is Hour Detroit's 2013 Restaurant Of The Year?

In an increasingly casual world, there are still keepers of tradition and the high standards of fine dining. And few do it better than Tre Monti, the restaurant occupying the striking, sand-colored brick-and-stone building with the look of a European country estate, tucked away behind the more flamboyant, castle-like San Marino Club in Troy.

The club launched Tre Monti in 2008, lavishly investing some $4 million in the hopes of creating a signature destination restaurant. At first, it was designed to offer the cuisine of tiny San Marino, the sliver of a republic nestled amid the mountains of north-central Italy. Today, just one dish from that cuisine, lasagna verdi al forno — a 15-layer creation of fresh spinach pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Bolognese sauce — remains on a bill of fare that’s become classically northern Italian.

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