Bedivere Restaurant In Lebanon Wants You To Talk, Not Text, While Eating A Meal (PHOTO)

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Have you been affected by 'phubbing'? It's the act of snubbing someone by playing with your smartphone instead of paying attention.

Chances are you've been on both sides of the screen at some point, but one restaurant is trying to change that.

Bedivere Eatery & Tavern in Beirut, Lebanon, wants people to actually talk to each other. A Reddit post spread the news of their newest discount around the globe: 10 percent off for any customer willing to give up their phone just one meal.

The Internet (paradoxically) fell in love with the notion of talking instead of typing. The post received 11,406 upvotes and the photo was seen 721,988 times.

Bedivere was thrilled:

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