Restaurant Tipping Around The World: 25 Countries' Gratuity Protocol

Daniel Maurer at Grub Street recently covered the findings of a new French study that found that people dining to songs with "pro-social" lyrics are 11 percent more likely to tip than those who listen to "neutral" songs, which got us thinking about the starkly different sets of tipping protocol around the world. Flip through the slides below to see just how different North American tipping customs are from the rest of the world.

UPDATE, 8-6-10: Oh, and there's the nagging question of whether it's proper to tip pre- or post-tax. Luckily the LA Times' David Lazarus cleared that one up just this week. According to Lazarus' research, although restaurants often show suggested tip amounts calculated post-tax, it's perfectly proper etiquette to calculate the tip pre-tax.