Oregon's Sweet Cakes By Melissa Preps Desserts For 'Ex-Gay' Group Restored Hope (PHOTO)

LOOK: Bakery That Turned Away Lesbian Couple Preps Cakes For 'Ex-Gay' Group

An Oregon bakery that sparked national controversy after turning away a pair of lesbian brides-to-be who were seeking a wedding cake is back in the headlines.

As The Advocate pointed out, Sweet Cakes by Melissa posted the following series of photos on its official Facebook page. The images show cakes prepared by the company for Restored Hope, which has advocated for reparative, or "ex-gay," therapy:

In 2012, Restored Hope (which calls itself an "inter-denominational membership governed network dedicated to restoring hope to those broken by sexual and relational sin" on its official website) released its official doctrinal statement, which made several apparent nods to the "ex-gay" movement.

"Jesus Christ provides hope for transformation to broken sexual sinners," one segment read. "The grace of God offered in Jesus Christ is not merely a pardon for one’s sins but also an empowerment by the Spirit of Christ to a new life lived for God ... For some, this transformation may take shape as a significant reduction of unwanted sexual desires."

Read another: "Consistent with Jesus’ view of a male-female requirement for sexual relations is Scripture’s depiction of homosexual practice as a severe violation of God’s standards for sexual purity."

Last year, Sweet Cakes by Melissa co-owner Aaron Klein argued that he and his wife Melissa were simply living in accordance with their religious beliefs when they rejected a lesbian couple's request for a wedding cake. Furthermore, he said he believed his decision to deny service to the two women was protected by his Constitutional right to practice his religion as he sees fit.

"We don't have anything against lesbians or homosexuals," Melissa Klein is quoted as saying at the time. "It has to do with our morals and beliefs."

In August 2013, the Kleins closed their shop's storefront, and moved their business to an in-home bakery.

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