Restoring Broken Dreams - "Real Housewives" Tiffany Hendra

Restoring Broken Dreams - "Real Housewives" Tiffany Hendra
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This might conjure up an unpleasant visual image, so let me apologize in advance, just in case… :-)

Tiffany said - "I was marinating in my own BS!"

That certainly took some guts to utter those words. Especially now, that she's been able to battle her way back to a successful acting career, which was, for a time, lost to poor choices, unhealthy relationships, and drug abuse.

For many of us, aren't those words, pretty much, right on point?

If we're being honest, isn't that why we’re all not succeeding at the level for which we’re capable, because we are swimming in the BS story we've been telling ourselves for weeks, months, or years?

OK… I’ll throw myself under the bus…. Guilty as charged.

For years, and occasionally, still (because I’m human), I would be afraid to make business and family-related decisions, because of the BS story in which I was saturating myself.

The story went like this - “Whatever I decide, will, of course, be wrong”. And, how's this for a double whammy, the more I told myself this story, the more my subconscious mind would sabotaged me.

Yikes… Talk about setting myself up for a struggle and emotional heartache!

Can you relate?

On the podcast, Tiffany gives power-packed advice about how we can make better choices for our home, work, and life, and also what we can do to build our confidence. (Click to listen instantly.)

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the first podcast she and I did, it will lay-out the trauma and poverty beginnings of her childhood, click to listen to this one first. She had plenty of material for volumes of tragic stories. However, she decided to create a new story - new theme, new characters, new setting, and a new outcome.

Tiffany did it and you can too!

So what's the story? What's the story you've been telling your friends, your family, your coworkers, and the person you see in the mirror, about why you can't or won't get to the next level in your business?

Are you willing to challenge it?

The most important people in your life need you to.

Join in the discussion in our Facebook community and let's all create a better story - better for our career, business, family, and finances.

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