Job Resume: How Long Do Recruiters Spend Looking At Your Career Summary?

Guess How Long Job Recruiters Spend On Your Resume?

How long do job recruiters look at your resume? Seven minutes? Five? Two?

Actually, just six seconds, according to a new study released by TheLadders an online job search site.

The study used “eye tracking” technology, which can measure exactly where recruiters' eyes looked and how long they stayed on that spot. So what do they notice? They spend 80 percent of their brief review on six key elements of your resume: your name, the current company you work for, your previous employment, the start and end dates of your previous position, the start and end dates of your current position and your educational background.

Standing out from other prospective employees can be challenging with just seconds to make an impression. Here are five ways to do that, according to Marc Cenedella, founder and CEO of TheLadders.

1. Highlight Company Names

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