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Resveratrol Reduces Cardiovascular Benefits Of Exercise In Older Men

Could this "fountain of youth" actually age you? Resveratrol, an antioxidant hailed by some as a miracle antidote to aging, might just be the exact opposite, according to a new study.

In a small, eight-week study conducted by the University of Copenhagen, researchers put 27 men "around 65 years old" on a "high-intensity exercise" routine, according to a press release. Half of the healthy, yet physically inactive, group had their exercise regimen supplemented with 250 mg of resveratrol, the other half were given a placebo.

Contrary to the results from previous animal studies, researchers found resveratrol diminished the positive effects of exercise in humans. This reportedly included "blood pressure, plasma lipid concentrations and maximal oxygen uptake," said Lasse Gliemann, a PhD student who worked on the study.

Though a study leader noted that the amount of resveratrol participants received was far more than what they'd get in their normal diet, it does beg the question: Just how effective is resveratrol, anyway? In 2011 another small study found that taking resveratrol had a positive effect on metabolism, similar to exercising and restricting calories, but the compound remains steeped in controversy.

Resveratrol can be taken in supplement form, but can also be found in red grapes, red wine and nuts. While there is no clear cut answer on resveratrol's effectiveness, Harvard Health had this to say:

"If you believe that resveratrol will help you live longer and healthier, get it from food or wine, not by choking down resveratrol pills. Why? Eating red grapes, blueberries, and pistachios, or having a glass of your favorite red wine, are pleasurable ways to take in resveratrol. Plus you get all the other healthful plant products that come with the resveratrol. ... It’s worth keeping an eye on resveratrol research. But it’s far too soon to be promoting it as a fountain of youth or wonder drug."


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