ReThink Review: Piranha 3D -- the Funniest Boobs, Blood and Prehistoric Fish Movie You'll See All Year

On my way to the hastily-added LA screening of Piranha 3D last week, I had already figured out my headline: Piranha 3D -- A Movie So Bad It's God-Awful. To be honest, the high probability of a cinematic trainwreck was my strongest motivation for going -- as a stand-up comedy enthusiast, I was really just going to gather material. I don't usually like horror movies, and P3D just seemed like another of the countless remakes/reboots signaling the death of creativity in Hollywood. Throw in the money-grubbing gimmickry of 3D, which I enjoy less and less with each new 3D release, and all the elements for disaster appeared to be in place.

But a funny thing happened when P3D started. Actually, a very funny thing happened -- the film itself. And not in an "it's so bad it's good" kind of way. P3D is purposefully hilarious, winking at the audience, the horror genre and the use of 3D without devolving into parody, giving you exactly what you want and everything you'd expect from a film about ravenous prehistoric fish terrorizing thousands of nubile spring breakers. With more boobs. A lot more boobs. And butts. In 3D.

I laughed and had more fun at P3D than I have at a lot of this year's comedies -- definitely more than I did at Dinner For Schmucks. Check out my review of Piranha 3D with Christy Lemire (AP) on What the Flick?!

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