Retire Ari Fleischer! The Hypocrisy, Double Standards & Dishonesty Behind Helen Thomas's Retirement

More people seemed more upset over Helen Thomas's gaffe than they were over the killing of nine people on board a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. While Thomas's of-the-cuff comments were insensitive, they were not a call for Jews to "go back to Auschwitz" as some have suggested. Comments like Helen's, which call on a people to leave Israel and go back to where they come from, are made all the time by people who never apologize.  If only Helen had called for the Palestinians, not the Jews, to get the hell out of Israel, if only her bias had been pro-Zionist, like most everyone else's in the mainstream media, not anti-Zionist, her comments would have been ignored or lauded. Those shouting the loudest for Helen's head are people who have little to no moral authority, having lied and/or displayed  bigotry on several occasions without apologizing, being asked to apologize or being dropped by their speakers' bureau. Many of those who shamed and banished Thomas should hang their heads in shame, and promptly retire themselves from the stage of American politics and media.

For more examples of double standards or bigotry visit RetireAriFleischer ( where you can also submit examples.

(I am Jewish, so when attacking me, please refer to me as a self-loathing Jew, not an anti-Semite)

Hypocrites Who Sent Helen Thomas Packing