Is 'Frugal Retirement' Our New Buzz Phrase?

Retirement, by definition, was supposed to be our "Me Time." It was when we -- no longer shackled to a job that claimed the bulk of our waking hours -- would be able to indulge ourselves: kids grown, house downsized, golf clubs at the ready. And then along came the recession and self-indulgence -- spending -- became a four-letter word.

Never mind that the recession depleted our savings, extended our support of offspring and killed our idea of retirement -- working until we are 70 is the new reality. What it also did was change our attitude about spending. In short, it demonized it. Being maxed out on your credit cards is no longer something everyone does. Tell someone today that you want to buy a second home and they offer to make you an appointment with their brother-in-law, the shrink.

Big Spending is about as evil as Big Banks and Big Pharma. It's what got us into this mess, the masses believe, in denial that Big Spending may actually be the fix, not the problem. But party lines aside, we have become a nation of spendthrifts and frugality is our secret handshake.

So how can you have the retirement you always dreamed of and still be frugal?

5 Frugal Retirement Tips