Retiring Teacher Moved To Tears By Surprise Flash Mob On Her Last Day

A beloved teacher had one last unforgettable experience at her school, courtesy of her students and colleagues. 

Margaret Gabica, a teacher at St Julian’s Primary School in Newport, Wales, retired this year after more than 25 years of teaching. To honor her time at the school, teachers organized a flash mob with all the students, set to the Lion King musical's version of "He Lives in You." The performance, which took place last Wednesday, Gabica's last day at the school, was caught on video and uploaded to Vimeo. It left the educator -- and us -- in tears. 

The flash mob has garnered quite a bit of buzz since it was shared, with coverage on several different outlets. After seeing the beautiful gesture for yourself, you'll understand why.

"It was completely overwhelming, I was stunned, amazed," Gabica, who loves musicals,  told ITV News of the performance. "It was absolutely fantastic."

Watch as the kids and teachers gather into formations in different areas of the school yard, and clap, twirl and jump in their choreographed routine. Gabica starts off emotional, and by the 4:49 mark, she's attempting to wipe away her tears.

She loved the flash mob so much that she returned to the school a few days later to thank everyone involved, ITV News reported. 

We give the teachers and students an A+ for that performance!  


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