'Return Of The Jedi' Outtakes Show Yoda's Dying Days (VIDEO)

The slow death that Yoda endures in "Return of the Jedi" would have been even slower, as evidenced via newly unearthed outtakes. All taking place during Luke's final moments with Yoda on Dagobah, the scenes come from a LaserDisc -- think of an early version of a DVD -- that one diehard fan purchased for $699 on eBay. That fan started a Facebook page where he champions the material as previously unreleased footage. The clip was used at a 1984 National Association of Broadcasters conference to demonstrate Lucasfilm's EditDroid, a nonlinear editing system that was used to aid in the transition from analog to digital.

All that's peripheral to the main point here: new "Return of the Jedi" footage. It arrives one day after we got a peek at "Star Wars" bloopers and just a few days after the original "Jedi" trailer was posted online. We've also now seen the trailers for "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back." This one doesn't come from an official "Star Wars" source, so it may not stay online for long. Enjoy it while you can, but be patient -- it's almost a full minute until any audio kicks in.

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