Return of the Jedi

The hour of national redemption we've been waiting for is at hand, and President-Elect Barack Obama is about to lead our nation to a new city on that hill. Inspiration, gratification, and a desire to guaranty his success runs deep through my veins as I watch the hundreds of thousands in Chicago's Grant Park waiting for the man from Illinois to complete the national challenge of emancipation that his predecessor president from Illinois began nearly two centuries ago.

We all deserve to believe again in the greatness that is America and to look forward to the day tomorrow when Americans stand a little taller, believe a little deeper, and enjoy the great moment that has been bequeathed to us by a man who convinced us change is at hand. I rejoice in the celebration of those who marched in Selma who now have the wonderous satisfaction to relish and cherish the moment that arrived at 11pm EST when the networks finally called the election. I imagine how my ex-boss, an ailing Ted Kennedy must feel tonight, knowing that many, many months ago he exclaimed to the nation that he could feel change in the air. He understood before so many of us did that change was indeed in the air.

Let the cynics sleep. Let them discount the magnitude of the moment. Let them deny the righteousness of the cause. It does not matter. They are small in mind, and do not deserve to share in it if they do not succumb to it.

David Axelrod and David Plouffe have steered the ship of state to a new, more secure safe harbor. They and the wonderfully gifted campaign team they assembled are indeed a true liberation army. They deserve to march down the Champs Elysee to an adoring national crowd.

In the wee hours of our morning, as dawn rises across the world, millions will look at the news and exclaim that America is back...the America they yearned for, and the America they deserve to believe in again.

To the cynical Republican cabal that only wrought so much wickedness and pain on a vast swath of the American electorate, yes you Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney and ultimately George Bush and the divide and disdain bunch around them, the nation finally found its voice and seized its ballot to repudiate all you inflicted on us. The electoral sweep is as much the people's voices reflected in a referendum of rejection and indictment of the Bush presidency as it is a vote of trust and confidence in Barack Obama.

I am proud to be alive at this moment. I am proud my kids could join me in this hour of deliverance. Change has finally arrived in wave after cleansing wave. Yes, America, tomorrow, there will be two wars, a terrible financial crisis, threats from abroad, and challenges at home, but there will be a President Elect Obama, and that alone will make those challenges seem just a bit less daunting, a bit less formidable, and a bit more manageable.

The death star has indeed been destroyed!