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Like the majority of you reading this article, “eye” always wanted to meet the ever so fabulous Brooke Penelope Davis, “eye” always wanted to visit Karen’s Cafe, and “eye” always wanted to catch a show at Tric. And now “eye” can, and you can to. How? EyeCon. That’s how.

When One Tree Hill premiered on September 23, 2003, people around the world instantly fell in love with the series, which was created by Mark Schwahn. The series ended in 2012, but has lived on to this day in the hearts of Nayley and Leyton lovers everywhere. EyeCon saw the opportunity to give fans what they wanted, to get up close and personal with their favorite cast members from the show, and to relive the days at Tree Hill High, and therefore, EyeCon is returning to Tree Hill.

EyeCon is a “celebrity autograph convention featuring the most contact with your favorite celebrities”. EyeCon’s “Return To Tree Hill” convention will be taking place in the heart and soul of Tree Hill, in Wilmington, North Carolina. The convention will be running from Friday, May 5th, 2017, through Sunday, May 7th, 2017, with constant events taking place all weekend long! EyeCon also has prior experience when it comes to these conventions, they previously hosted a “Tree Hill Takes Chicago” convention back in November of 2016, and will host a “Genesis” convention in Atlanta this March, featuring cast members from Gossip Girl, 90210, and Gilmore Girls.

Throughout the weekend of the convention, you can expect to mingle with the cast in various, unforgettable ways. From question and answer sessions, to getting autographs from your favorite Tree Hill alumni, and even being able to have a one on one meet and greet with your favorite cast member! Did we mention Felix will be holding his own dare night and Tim is having his own pizza party?!

The event will be taking place at the Wilmington Convention Center (515 Nutt Street, Wilmington, NC, 28401). In order to get into the convention, you will need to purchase an admission ticket. Different levels of admission are available, including single day passes and full weekend passes. You can purchase your admission pass(es) here.

If you plan on staying in Wilmington an extra day, or plan on taking a break from the convention, one thing to do would be to go out and explore the actual filming locations of One Tree Hill! Yes, you can actually go to the filming locations! I mean who wouldn't want to go see Lucas Scott’s bedroom door, stand outside of it, and pretend to be one of his lovers? The suspense would eat you alive! Who was it? Peyton? Brooke? Lindsey? Maybe it was Haley! Tree Hill Tours is also going to be running tours all weekend long, but spots are filling up fast, so book your tickets ASAP! If your more of the adventurous type and decide to take your own tour of tree hill, here’s some of the most popular filming locations:

  • Lucas Scott’s House: 1829 Wrightsville Avenue
  • Brooke Davis’ House: 2314 Tattersalls Drive
  • Peyton Sawyer’s House: 1901 Chestnut Street (If you look to your left, you’ll see Haley James Scott’s House at 1811 Chestnut Street!)
  • Karen’s Cafe: Corner of N Front and Grace Streets
  • Nayley "Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything” Bench: Corner of Water and Market Streets (Last bench behind the visitor’s desk!)
  • The River Court: Next to the USS Carolina

On Friday May 5th, 2017 EyeCon will be hosting a bachelorette party for Brooke Davis! The party starts at 5pm and ends at 11pm, and is actually being held at Brooke’s house in Wilmington! Tickets are $125 a piece, and even though Sophia Bush is a confirmed guest for the convention, she is only confirmed for Sunday, May 7th, so keep that in mind when purchasing tickets!

EyeCon will also be holding a party at Tric Saturday, May 6th, 2017 (YES THE ACTUAL TRIC)! The party starts at 5pm and ends at 11pm, and tickets will cost you $195 a piece, but certain cast members are confirmed to be making an appearance! I just hope Chase Adams is bar manger that night.

There’s also a celebrity banquet that runs for $245 a ticket, which will also take place from 5-11pm on Saturday, May 6th, 2017. Here, you will have a sit down dinner with members of the One Tree Hill cast. A certain member of the cast even sits at your table for the meal. Now that is amazing.

Last but not least, Java Dog Coffee House, a local coffee shop in Wilmington, will be turning into Karen’s Cafe for the entire weekend! There will be a sign out front, employee’s wearing Karen’s Cafe aprons, and even coffee sleeve covers with the Karen’s Cafe logo! (Totally need like five of those for my scrapbook!)

As the convention gets closer, EyeCon will be announcing more guests and more events that will be going on. Pay close attention to their social media accounts for more information!


  • Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis, Seasons 1-9)
  • Antwon Taylor (Skillz Taylor, Seasons 1-9)
  • Robert Buckley (Clay Evans, Seasons 7-9)
  • Lindsey McKeon (Taylor James, Appearances in seasons 3-8)
  • Ashley Rickards (Samantha “Sam” Walker, Season 6)
  • Brett Claywell (Tim Smith, Seasons 1-3,5)
  • Michael Copon (Feliz Taggaro, Season 2)

EyeCon Twitter: @EyeCon300

EyeCon Website:

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*Written by Samantha Nagen of Sam and Erica*

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