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Returning Soldier Surprises His Wife In Emotional Homecoming Video (VIDEO)

In this tearjerking YouTube video, watch as a soldier returning home for a visit gives his wife a surprise of a lifetime.

Rebecca B., who submitted the video to the Welcome Home Blog, said her husband had invented an elaborate ruse so that she would be caught unawares by his arrival.

"I had been bugging him for months about when he would be able to come home and he had me totally convinced that he was not going to be able to come at all," she wrote in the video's description.

However, Rebecca admitted that she had become a little suspicious when her husband's whole family -- including his brother Jim who is also in the army and flew in from Europe -- came to town.

But the soldier's family were in on the plot.

"They all convinced me the surprise was really Jim coming back early, and not my husband coming home," Rebecca wrote.

"The moment I saw him was just unreal…I saw the boots, the uniform, and then the face. It was just complete joy, disbelief and relief, which is why I fell on the floor and sobbed uncontrollably," wrote Rebecca. "It was the surprise of a lifetime, me and my girls had missed him soooooo much."

Rebecca added that her husband's deployment will be coming to an end soon and the family is excited for him to return home for good.

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