Dying Father Reunites With His Estranged Children (VIDEO)

Four children in their 20s and 30s are estranged from their dying father and say their mother is the cause. They claim they can’t even visit their dad because they don’t have their parents’ current address, and that their voicemails and texts don’t get to him because their mom deletes them.

“I have reached out to my dad numerous times, and my sister let me know that my mom monitors his phone and had deleted the messages that I sent him,” says Karina, one of the children. “She’s an evil person. She does evil things.”

Their mother strongly denies these accusations and points the finger back at her four oldest kids, who she claims have isolated themselves from the family. “I don’t monitor my husband’s phone. He’s absolutely able to call whoever he wants to call,” she says, pointing out that if her husband wanted to see his children, he would call them. She says she has provided everything for her kids and doesn't understand why they have turned their backs on her and Michael now.

Emotions run high when the kids see their father on Dr. Phil’s stage, as seen in the video above.

“The finality of this is beyond anything any of you can comprehend at this point,” Dr. Phil tells them.

On his show Wednesday, Dr. Phil steps in to help this family put an end to the fighting. Check here for local listings.