'I Reunited With My Birth Mother, Who Says She Wishes She Never Had Me And That I Would Die'

Rhonda was 3 days old when her birth mother placed her for adoption. She says she was raised by a wonderful family along with two younger brothers whom she loves, but all the while she wondered why her birth mother did not choose to keep her. Her questions were answered when she turned 24 and was reunited with her birth mother, Teri.

It wasn't long before the relationship took a turn for the worse.

"She had been a fairy tale of mine my whole life. She's turned out to be nothing but a nightmare," says Rhonda. "Teri told me that when she found out that she was pregnant, she had a friend who was a pharmacist, and they tried to come up with some concoction to make Teri miscarry me," says Rhonda. "She blames me. She says I ruined her life. This is a woman that you have your entire life wondered about, and all of a sudden she tells you she wishes she would have aborted you, and that it would have been easier on her if she had just done that or if I would have just died."

Although Rhonda says her relationship with her birth mom isn't what she had hoped it would be, she says the one good thing that came from their reunion was meeting Beth, the younger sister she never knew she had.

But could that relationship be at the root of Teri's anger toward her biological daughter? Watch the video above as Rhonda and Beth describe how their relationship drove a wedge between both sisters and their mom, who admits that she's drinking heavily while also taking Xanax, diet pills and antidepressants. Teri says she drinks because of her daughters who gang up on her, and blames Rhonda, whom she calls "manipulative," for telling Beth lies about her.

Who's telling the truth, and how can this family move forward without anger? This episode of Dr. Phil, "I Reunited with My Birth Mother and Now She Says She Wishes She Never Had Me" airs Monday -- check local listings here.

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