Reusable Sponges That Don't Smell, Mildew, Stink Or Fall Apart

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A traditional kitchen sponge is one of the dirtiest items in the home, grosser even than the garbage can or toilet seat. Most of us have heard that microwaving or boiling is a quick way to clean a sponge, but it turns out neither option significantly reduces the amount of bacteria hiding in its nooks and crannies.

Honestly, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about sponges to begin with. An inexpensive pack of kitchen sponges is convenient, and you can very easily pick one up on your next grocery run. Even if you’re diligent about replacing your sponges, after just a few uses they start to lose their scrubbing power and wind up in the trash can. That’s not exactly cost beneficial or sustainable.

These Better Sponges are, well, better than that.

These reusable sponges don't smell, mildew, stink or fall apart.
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These reusable sponges don't smell, mildew, stink or fall apart.

These sponges have thousands of tiny silicone fingers that scrub away at stuck-on food, shower soap scum and dirty dishes without collecting bacteria or damaging the surface of your dishes. They’re ultra-flexible, so you can use them to safely clean the insides of delicate glassware or reach into tight bathtub corners. When you need to clean your Better Sponge, just pop it in the dishwasher.

Aside from scrubbing away bathroom and kitchen gunk — while not absorbing it all into a gooey, nasty mess — the Better Sponge is also an effective pet hair remover, a heat-resistant pot holder and a lid remover for stubborn jars. And, of course, each Better Sponge far outlives a standard sponge.

The Better Sponge is an eco-friendly, hygienic solution to standard kitchen and bathroom sponges. Usually, it costs $40 for this six-pack of versatile cleaning supplies, but right now you can snag this set for only $20 (50% off).

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Better Sponge: 6-Piece Variety Pack - $20

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