Reuse Plastic Bags: 12 DIY Upcycle Tips

The scourge of landfills and the enemy of environmentalists, plastic bags have been much maligned in recent years.

Starting in 2007, cities around the country have voted to ban or curb the use of these non-compostable carriers in favor of paper or plant-based alternatives. For instance, the San Jose, CA plumbing and sewer system was plagued with an overabundance of trash in its storm sewers, and issued a plastic bag ban in January of 2011.

But while their eco-impact might be pretty harsh, you can at least make a plastic bag serve a second purpose before it ends up in a landfill. There are, of course, the obvious uses: lining a trash bin, cleaning up after a dog or reusing them as bags at the grocery store. But here are some other great, innovative ways to re-use plastic bags.

All captions/text courtesy of Networx.

12 Ways To Up-cycle Plastic Bags