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Rev Run And Wife Justine Simmons Reveals Secrets Behind Their Happy Marriage (VIDEO)

As one third of one of hip hop's most historic groups, Run DMC, Rev Run has easily made the transition from rap legend to man of God and pop culture guru. Fans who once looked to him for the latest lyrics and flyest trends now regularly turn to the rapper turned reverend for his words of wisdom, and see him as a model husband and father.

Rev Run and his wife Justine Simmons stopped by HuffPost Live Monday to discuss their new show "Rev Run's Renovation" on the DIY Network. The couple shared their secrets to their successful, a relationship that played out for the public on their former show "Run's House" on MTV.

"Marriages break up for one reason, selfishness," Rev Run said. "Me and her love each other so much that there's no selfishness going on."

Although the couple admitted they have their fair share of arguments, they try to fight fair.

"You gotta think of that person as you. How am I gonna do an underhanded blow because then you're really hurting you," Justine said. "We just try not to hurt each other."