Revealed: What You Don't Know About Home Insurance Coverage


Buying a house is one of the biggest investment you can make if you are into real estate. A house increases in value overtime when properly taken care of.

And if you are a homeowner be it in California or anywhere else, you need a home insurance.

So why do you need a home insurance?

Home insurance will help protect your house against unforeseen occurrences such as fire, theft, natural disasters etc. Having a decent home insurance is not as hard as it seems considering the fact that this could be your only lifesaver when you least expected it.

The problem most people have with choosing a home insurance company is finding a balance between competitive rates and effectiveness.

For home owners in California, for example, the average premium cost varies by the geographical location of the house. The most expensive locations are in Los Angeles area and the least expensive locations are in Orange County area.

Some of the factors that affect the average premium cost in these locations are the coverage limits of the policy, age of homes, the insurance providers, crime rates etc.

For instance, Orange County pays less for insurance. Its average premium cost is $1239.10 and it is rated the 9th least expensive county in California.

Los Angeles on the other hand pays more premium cost than the other counties in California. It even pays more than the national average with an average premium cost of $1491.33.

The main reason why premium is very expensive in Los Angeles is because of the level of crime rate. There has been a progressive increase in the rate of crimes such as stealing and vandalism.

A home owner can experience theft more than just once and the carrier of the insurance has to pay for it which is why they have increased rates.

Another factor that is affecting the average cost of premium is the increase in the costs of building a house and these costs are increasing on a yearly basis.

Insurance providers put this single factor into consideration should in case such a house faces any form of disaster in the future.

Some of the policies provided by insurance companies can be broadly divided in coverage A-F:

Coverage A: This is the dwelling coverage which covers every structure attached to your house including your house.

Coverage B: It covers all the structures not attached to your house.

Coverage C: This provides protection for the contents of your home and those things within the household such as furniture, arts, antiques, money.

Coverage D: This provides you with additional living expenses.

Coverage E: It provides you with protection for an event in which you are legally responsible for causing injury to others.

Coverage F: This coverage provides treatment for those injured on your property but it does not work for you and the rest in your house.

It is always advisable that you ask around to get the best insurance policy and company for your home. You can make your comparisons online as this will save you the stress of walking around offices.

Find out about a number of ways you could spare cash on your premiums as you compare your quotes online. After some time, you will come up with a strategy that will work for you.

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