'Revenge' On ABC: A Roadmap Of All The Show's Relationships, Love Triangles And Revenging So Far (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Ultimate 'Revenge' Roadmap

"Revenge" is back! With six new episodes left in the first season (beginning Wed., Apr. 18, 10 p.m. ET on ABC), there are plenty of loose ends to tie up to set things straight amongst the lives of the Hamptons elite. But remembering all that has happened to them so far will make your head spin.

Our handy infographic might not help quell the dizziness, but it does document every single relationship on the show so far -- friends and enemies, family members and surprise half-siblings, lawyers, therapists and wardens ... we've charted them all. And the graph wouldn't be complete without keeping track of all the murders, attempted murders, partners in crime and plots for revenge so far, too -- all of which are color-coded for ease.

To navigate the tangled web they weave, just hover over any face in our wheel of "Revenge" fortune (or misfortune, depending on which side you're on) and you'll see that person's connections and entanglements so far. Then, tell us what you think is next on their revengendas in the comments below.

Infographic design by Chris Spurlock

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