'Revenge' Death Stares: Emily And Victoria Face Off Before The Season 2 Premiere (MASHUP)

If looks could kill, Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) would be committing mass murder during each and every episode of "Revenge," the not-so-guilty pleasure that is ABC's Hamptons-based vendetta soap.

Season one of the addictive melodrama, set in the seaside enclave that uber-wealthy New Yorkers abscond to each summer, began with Emily's arrival on the coastal social scene armed with a secret identity and a complicated plot for ... wait for it ... REVENGE. Almost immediately, the two female leads became engaged in a perpetual face-off.

Emily's plans got increasingly complicated throughout the 22 episodes, but the one constant was her terrifying death stare, which she directed at anyone and everyone who threatened to get in her way. Hamptons matriarch Victoria's glares were nearly as terrifying, and Emily's well-clad BFF Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) was trying out his own icy gaze by the end of the season.

To get you excited for season two of "Revenge" which kicks off this Sunday night, we've put together a death stare showdown between Emily and Victoria. Fingers crossed that Victoria survives into this season -- we can't imagine an episode without those narrowed eyes.

Video produced by Amber Genuske.