'Revenge' Finale Recap: The Most Shocking Death Ever

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 22 of ABC's "Revenge," entitled "Reckoning."

Just when I had gotten to the point where I thought Emily Thorne's revenging was getting stale, "Revenge" managed to pull off one hell of an OMG! finale.

To be honest, the first 50 minutes left much to be desired, but as per usual, "Revenge" pulled out all the stops during the final 10 minutes. There were cliffhangers on top of cliffhangers -- and more than one life was potentially lost.

Let's start with the biggest OMG! moment of the night: Victoria Grayson is reportedly dead. Yes, you read that correctly. "Revenge" just seemingly killed off its biggest star -- the ever-scheming, bandage dress-wearing, icy Victoria.

Queen Vic was last seen boarding a plane to D.C. to testify for David Clarke's innocence, but that aircraft did not reach its final destination. Instead, it blew up on the tarmac, thanks to a bomb planted by the White Haired Man. When Emily spared the life of the creepy Initiative operative -- the assassin who killed her father -- she didn't quite realize what she had wrought.

But is Queen Vic really dead? I don't think so. Victoria knew that what she was doing was dangerous, and it looked like there was some hesitation as she was boarding the plane (in slow mo, of course). Conrad warned her that if she proceeded with the trial, her life would be at risk, and although at the time, she ignored him, Victoria has always managed to stay one step ahead of her estranged husband. So why would she start playing dumb now?

Not to mention that Madeleine Stowe gives one of the most wickedly enjoyable performances on TV. "Revenge" just won't be the same without Queen Vic throwing shade at her frenemies from across the room. My bet is that she wasn't on the plane when it exploded -- however, Lydia probably was, but I don't really care about her, so that's OK.

Queen Vic isn't the only Grayson with a questionable future. As predicted in last week's recap, Charlotte tries to kill herself. Little Grayson just wasn't able to deal with the news of her mother's death -- and when Declan told her to get lost -- she swallows a bunch of pills. The last we see of Charlotte, she's unconscious in Conrad's arms.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind if Little Grayson died. She's the worst part of the entire series. In her last mean girl act of the season, she exploited Declan's new friend from Yonkers and embarrassed her infront of the entire school. However, if Charlotte does die, Declan would obviously feel responsible for her death, but he wouldn't have much to do without his partner-in-crime. For that reason, I could see Charlotte surviving her overdose. I mean, these two useless characters need each other.

Although, I really hope they ship her off to a psychiatric ward for most of the second season. She's such a waste of space. I'd rather spend more time watching Emily's bitch face than I would watching Charlotte deal with her white girl problems.

On to the next OMG moment: Amanda is back (ugh), and she's pregnant with Jack's baby! (UGH!)

Was it really too much to ask for Takeda to kill off Faux-Manda? I really thought we were over her and her trashy short-shorts. Sadly, I was wrong. Now she's back and ready to wreck havoc on Emily and Jack's relationship.

Just when Emily was going to tell Jack the truth about everything, including her feelings for him, Faux-Manda appears out of nowhere and ruins everything. Of course, Jack is too good of a guy to ditch his pregnant kinda-sorta-girlfriend, but you can tell that he was a little disappointed to see Emily walk out of the Stowaway.

It's hard finding love in a hopeless place, Emily. Just ask Rihanna.

Finally, the last OMG moment of the finale sets up Emily's main objective for Season 2: Her mother isn't dead!

The Americon Initiative is one shady organization. Not only did they orchestrate David Clarke's death, but they also have something to do with Emily's mother's disappearance.

Just when Emily thought all of the evidence against Conrad was lost in the explosion, her BFF Nolan surprises her -- and once again proves why he's the best character on the entire series. He backed up the hard drive (full of evidence) before he handed it over to the SEC guy.

You may have a silly haircut, Nolan, but you're so smart! Emily and Nolan then watch some of the footage Nolan uncovered, and they discover that Victoria Grayson knew more about Emily's mother than she let on.

Nolan tells her that her mother is alive, to which Emily says her last line of Season 1 while staring at the video: "Let it play."

I really hope Victoria isn't actually dead. There's so much potential for Emily and Queen Vic to team up and take down Conrad and the Initiative that wants to see them all dead. Between Emily's bitch face and Victoria's shade, they'll be able to take down even the strongest of enemies.

More Notable Moments of the Season 1 Finale:

  • Daniel and Emily are officially dunzo, thanks to Ashley. It looks like we're going to see more of Daniel and Ashley together (shudder) next season. The Grayson Global duo are already getting cozy.
  • Victoria finally learns that Conrad had David killed, which only makes her want to bring down Conrad even more.
  • When Daniel tried to give Queen Vic major attitude, she SLAPS him across the face. It's one of the episode's finest moments. There's nothing I love more than a good Victoria slap.
  • Obvious foreshadowing alert: In the final minutes of "Reckoning," Conrad burns a photo of Victoria and Lydia.

Notable Quotables:

Nolan: "You are way outmatched by that crazy albino."

Emily: "Nolan, if I don't make it out of this, tell Jack that I love him."

Emily: "I'm watching you become everything you said you never wanted to be."

Victoria: "Your father had David Clarke murdered!"

Emily: "Champagne does not seem appropriate, especially at 9 a.m."
Nolan: "Champagne is always appropriate."

Declan: "You really are your mother's daughter."

Victoria: "Well, I guess I'll see you in hell."

Nolan: "OMG ... Just stay right where you are and don't do anything revenge-y until I get there."

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