Revenge Of The Pokemon: Pikachu Fights Back In Gripping New CGI Video

The hunted becomes the hunter.

Pikachu turns the tables on a “Pokemon Go” player in an intense GGI video that’s going viral.

The creature escapes from its captor’s smartphone to flip the script and exact a brutal revenge in 18-year-old Los Angeles-based filmmaker Joe Murayama’s new clip.

The yellow rodent dodges Pokeballs and summons a Charizard for assistance, before tossing one of the spheres right back at Murayama ― who is immediately sucked into the cell phone.

“I’ve always wanted to make a Pokemon-in-real-life short film but never really figured out a story until ‘Pokemon Go’ came out,” Muramaya told The Huffington Post on Saturday, adding that it was “kinda funny” to reverse the roles.

Check it out in the clip above.