'Revenge': Victoria Threatens Conrad's Life If He Decides To Confess (VIDEO)

After setting Father Paul up for a downfall on "Revenge" last week, Emily realized that she could use him. And so she reached into her revenge bag and pulled out another trick: she blackmailed him. She promised to make his troubles go away if he could convince Conrad Grayson to come clean publicly about his role in what happened to her father.

True to his word, and perhaps because of a guilty conscience, the priest managed to convince Conrad to come clean. Conrad, thinking he was dying, thought this might be a gift he could give his daughter, as well as clearing his own conscience before his death.

Victoria, on the other hand, wasn't pleased with this development at all. "What right do you have to come clean after you blew up a plane to keep me from doing the same?” she shouted. Later, as she was leaving, Victoria shouted, "If you get in that car, I swear it’ll be the last thing you do.”

It wasn't the last thing Conrad did, but it did turn out to be the last thing Father Paul did. Emily found the pair at the scene of a horrific car accident. The priest was dead, while Conrad was very much alive. Was he still in the frame of mind to confess? That remains to be seen, as does Victoria's role -- if any -- in the accident.

Either Victoria is psychic or she planned this," wrote Hollywood Life's Avery Thompson. "Oh, Emily, your revenge plans are getting dangerous. You better watch it.” As Meredith Jacobs, writing for Gather, put it, Emily's plans quite literally went up in flames.

This game of "Revenge" grows ever more complicated, Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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