Reverse Shave: Man Goes From Clean Cut To Quite Burly (VIDEO)

WATCH: Reverse Shave

Meet Tom Offer-Westort. And more importantly, say goodbye to his beard.

After just short of an eternity without shaving his beard -- at least that's what it looks like -- Tom decided it was time for a change. The result is "Trim," a viral video that follows Tom's transformation from well-groomed and clean shaven to a not-so-distant cousin of the Wookiees in Star Wars.

Cleaning up a beard of such epic proportions certainly can not be done alone. Tom's friend Peter Simon conceptualized, directed, and shot the film while Peter's wife, Abby, played the unenviable role of beard stylist. The video is set to the song "It's Anarchy" by Mr. Pumpkinpants and the Manitee Burnouts.

We just have to say, even though Tom looks great with his new look, why would you ever shave such a glorious display of facial hair?


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