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Reversing Diabetes Naturally. Watch it happen...

Many people aren't familiar with raw foods or why they are important. Raw foods are simply foods from the earth that haven't been processed or heated above 118 degrees.
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There's an interesting movie out called Simply Raw. It chronicles the journey of six diabetics making a 30-day dietary shift to a raw, organic, sugar-free, vegan diet, and along the way, most reversed all medical signs of having diabetes. It's pretty powerful stuff, probably most so for the 246 million diabetics worldwide, many of whom believe that their only option for managing or eliminating their diabetes is pharmaceutical drugs.

It's my understanding that some of the participants also took enzymes to aid the process and did colonics to clean the impacted waste from their colon walls, but when it's all said and done, thirty days isn't bad for a disease that's said to be incurable. And it certainly speaks to how fundamentally what we put into our bodies (and what we choose not to put in them) determines whether we'll have health or sickness.

Many people aren't familiar with raw foods or why they are important. Raw foods are simply foods from the earth that haven't been processed or heated above 118 degrees. They are fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, and if you're new to this, you may be asking, "Why 118 degrees?" Actually, it's pretty simple. Raw, unfired foods from the earth have enzymes in them and enzymes are destroyed at temperatures above 118 degrees, as are many of the nutrients in foods.

Enzymes are important because they help your body break down the foods you're consuming, but they also play a larger role. Enzymes are the catalysts for every action in the human body - including stuff like blinking and breathing. Quite literally, when we run out of enzymes, we die. It's the case because our bodies can no longer initiate these basic tasks that are required for life. So, raw foods supplement these enzymes in our bodies, while cooked foods drain them from our bodies because cooked foods require the body to borrow from its enzyme reserves to facilitate digestion.

Of course, by following such a diet, an aspect not to be overlooked is the absence of foods that are processed and filled with unnatural chemicals, which encompass many of the foods that most people put into their bodies daily. Unfortunately, it's not yet common knowledge that many processed foods and foods with pesticides and herbicides sprayed on them actually have a detrimental impact on health. But this movie shines the light on some of the truly amazing things that can (and do) happen when you put a little effort into eating a diet as nature intended, while foregoing the processed and man-made foods that many have come to see as the norm.


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