REVIEW: Brooke Eden Demonstrates Undeniable Talent with Debut EP 'Welcome To The Weekend'


Earlier this fall, country breakout star (and our personal favorite) Brooke Eden released her highly-anticipated debut EP Welcome to the Weekend via RED BOW Records.

"Welcome to the Weekend has songs that consist of things you usually do on the weekend from relationships to partying with your friends," Brooke told Celeb Secrets Country at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival in August.

The wide-ranged vocalist -- known for blending authentic lyrics with a soulful execution - co-penned all four songs on the Jacob Durrett and Nick Brophy produced project.

"We actually did everything very individualized with this record," Brooke continued. "I've been writing for two and a half years for this record and I actually wrote 'Diamonds' two years ago. For the studio process, my producer went in and worked on everything while I was on the road for my radio tour. I then went in the studio and recorded it."

Ranging from the heart-bending, "Act Like You Don't," to the keyed-up, better-off-without-you torpedo, "Silence Speaks," the EP's four songs all showcase Eden's unparalleled vocal swagger and versatility.

Welcome to the Weekend demonstrates Eden's undeniable talent and the crossover between pop and country music. Overall, it is a fantastic EP that we highly recommend sitting down and listening to.

Take a peek at our review of Welcome to the Weekend track by track and listen to "Diamonds" below. For more information on Brooke Eden, make sure to follow her on Twitter at @BrookeEdenMusic.

"Diamonds" - "Diamonds" is the perfect girls' night out song! Many artists have been looking to record a song like this for years now. Recently, the trend is all about being independent and being with your group of girls, and this song perfectly exemplifies that!

"Act Like You Don't" - This song is one of the slower songs off of the EP, but it is so powerful! One can feel the heartbreak that Eden demonstrates through her lyrics and vocal intuitions. "Act Like You Don't" is very relatable because almost everyone has been in the same position as Eden in this song.

"Silence Speaks"- The instrumentals on this track are so intriguing and will keep you listening. What we love about this song is it shows how strong she is when she won't go back someone when it wasn't right. This song has a Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert feel to it because of Eden showing that she is a strong independent woman.

"Sunday Mornin'"- This is our favorite track off Welcome to the Weekend! We love it because it is such a vocally strong song for Eden and the lyrics highlight the importance of respecting women. "Sunday Mornin'" is one of those songs that will get stuck in your head after the first time you listen to it and you will find yourself blasting it in your car.

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