Review: HEEET Hot Cinnamon vodka

Immediately one gets a sense of the fine balance of sweet and spice, not an easy task, that went into HEEET’s creation. Other cinnamon spice spirits — the gimmicky Fireball being the most prominent example — seek to recreate childhood experiences, but in the process just end up tasting like cheap candy adrift in alcohol.

HEEET goes well beyond that, expressing nuance, focusing on the cinnamon — on the heat and sweet. How, I asked myself, should a proper spicy cinnamon spirit taste?

First, it should be a stand-alone drink. HEEET neat passes that test with flying colors, especially since the ingredients are all natural. A clear glass of HEEET works alone, perfect in the evening alongside late night TV. It can also be enjoyed as a cocktail with cider — my favorite — or mixed with a dash of tonic and an ice cube, to let the ingredients breathe.

HEEET is, quite frankly, a game changer — the best cinnamon spicy spirit that this reviewer has ever experienced.

Retailing at $27.99, HEEET is available at

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