Review: Secret Freshies Deodorant Is The Best $5 I’ve Spent This Summer

It's the ideal way to apply deodorant on the go.

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Secret Freshies deodorant is the best $5 I’ve spent this summer.
Secret Freshies deodorant is the best $5 I’ve spent this summer.

Summer typically involves a lot of outdoor activities, so it’s all but guaranteed to mean a lot of sweating. Chances are you find yourself showering, changing clothes and applying deodorant a lot more than usual this time of year, especially with all of the heatwaves. Good news: There’s a product that makes reapplying a lot easier.

Secret Freshies Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant On-The-Go offers the same odor and wetness protection as your regular deodorant, but in small, portable balls. The 0.5-ounce egg-shaped container is compact enough to fit in a clutch and discreet enough to sit on your desk — most people will mistake it with those EOS lip balms everyone used to be obsessed with. The spherical shape also makes the application pretty seamless since it fits in the natural curve of your armpits.

My biggest worry before purchasing this product was that it wouldn’t be as potent as a regular deodorant. It’s only $4.97, so I expected a diluted formula hiding behind cute packaging — but I was quickly proven wrong.

The first time I used it was after a long midday walk to meet friends. I wasn’t as fresh as I’d like to be, so I pulled my new Secret Freshie from my bag, unscrewed the top and sneaked it under my T-shirt right there on the sidewalk. Within seconds, my underarms felt drier and fresher. The Secret Freshie didn’t just cover up the smell with a new scent. It absorbed the odor and dampness I felt, and it even passed my very scientific “sniff test.”

If you’re wondering what makes this any better than a travel-sized deodorant, it really comes down to the practicality and variety. The small size and shape makes Secret Freshie much easier to apply in public (and reduces the risk of stretching out your clothes in the process). Secret Freshie also comes in four unique scents — Luxe Lavendar, Chill Ocean, Cool Water Lily and Paris Rose — while most deodorant brands just offer one or two select formulas and scents in a small size.

My Secret Freshie is the best $5 I’ve spent this summer and has earned a permanent spot in my handbag for the rest of the season. I never have to worry about pit stains or smelling funky after a lot of activity because I can reapply it whenever and wherever I need without feeling self-conscious.