Review: The Power of Words

I just finished reading the poetry book titled The Power of Words by Lakisha Hubbard-Williams.

This book of poetry will tug at your heart and use it to slap you with pain that you can completely relate to. The poet isn’t afraid to let her true self bleed onto the page. She discusses marriage, pain and inner strength.

This is not a book that you can put down unless you are pausing to reflect on a particular line of the poetry. The author digs deep and reveals a new truth about herself in each line that she writes. I found myself re-reading each piece so that I could gain a deeper understanding of everything the author was conveying.

Hubbard-WIlliams has a strong knack for packing a strong punch with each word. This book transported my mind and emotions to that of the poets on each and every page.  The visuals she brings to life are nothing short of inspirational. Particularly lines such as, “I carry this baggage. Yes a full package from UPS” make me want to snap my fingers as if it was a poetry slam.

I am so very excited to see what she comes up with next.

Check out some of her amazing work for yourselves.


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