Revolting Revelation: Michael Jackson Still Not Allowed Burial

It's been more than a month since Michael Jackson's demise and still no burial, cremation, resting place, or any manifestation of the pop psyche term "closure" for this fallen King of Pop.

What is unequivocally true is that the news media has continued their relentless, wretched assault against Jackson's very quintessence with villainous coverage of all that is grotesque, repulsive and vile, with barely a fact to back up all the rancorous chatter.

The latest so-called "news" is that a Los Angeles coroner has temporary custody of his brain, endless rumors incessantly about drugs he might have taken prescribed by a long list of doctors now under investigation, the sad condition of his body, lawsuits already impending in the multiple millions, impending custody battles and the long-awaited results of toxicology reports given as the reason for allowing Jackson's body to remain in spiritual rigor.

His family claims they do not even know where his body is. Everyone knows this is not true.

There are rumors that biological mother Debbie Rowe may fight for custody or may simply want more money.

Brother Jermaine Jackson says that Michael wanted to be buried at Neverland Ranch, but his mother Kathryn said she doesn't want him there, not even his ashes.

Father Joe Jackson seems to be enjoying the limelight and touted his own record company just a few days after his son's death at the Black Entertainment Awards.

But throughout all of this picayune, malevolent and venomous cacophony of malicious and largely unfounded reports, Michael is still not allowed to rest in peace, just as he was never allowed to live a peaceful life.

He was a human being.

He was a man, a father, a son, a friend, and a phenomenal unreal star brighter than anyone could understand or comprehend.

He was the tabloid favorite in later years, as the press, with picayune joy, called him "Wacko Jacko" and a child molester before he had his day in court, but people seemed to forget that he was a human being. I think he finally forgot as well.

Jackson told many that he never wanted to be buried at Neverland Ranch, because of the pain he experienced during his trial and after his more carefree Peter Pan days seemed never to be a reality again. He was stricken with deep depression even since the trial ultimately found him not guilty, and yet he felt forever ruined and soiled.

Just a few positive facts about Jackson in case his success has now been forever shrouded in the obscene ...

Five of Jackson's solo albums -- Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory, are among the top-sellers of all time. His 1982 album Thriller remains the best selling album of all time. During his career, Jackson sold an estimated 750 million records worldwide.

Jackson is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for achievements including the "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time" with 13 Grammy Awards, 13 number one singles, and estimated sales of over 750 million records.

He was also known for being a philanthropist and humanitarian who donated millions of dollars to a record 39 charities, plus what he raised with his 'Heal the World Foundation.'

He was a 50-year-old man who lived as a child in adulthood because he was forced to live as an adult in childhood and he suffered physical and emotional pain and torment.

Most of us experience deep, deep sorrow and all kinds of suffering on many levels. But Michael had to endure his pain in the limelight that was often sour, mean, unsympathetic and merciless.

Apparently, he was beyond help for his suffering. According to numerous medical records, he had been taking a lot of prescription drugs given my unethical doctors for many, many years, and even drugs usually only legally if administered in a hospital setting.

Yes he was famous, infamous and seemed surreal and even immortal at times.

Yes, he supposedly paid a personal doctor who is named in a criminal investigation some $150,000.

Yes, we aren't sure if his children are his biologically.

Yes, he changed from a beautiful child with a bright smile and innocent eyes and eventually gave us all a vision of plastic surgery we never wanted to see or be privy to.

Yes, as a young child he had a voice that Barry Gordy, Founder of Motown Records said belonged to a forty year-old man. Smoky Robinson commented that he sang as a very young child as if he understood the blues as if he truly had lived it.

He had lived it.

Jackson told many interviewers on film and tape that had been beaten by his father and how he used to cry when he was forced for hours on end to rehearse while he watched children from the studio window play freely on the playground.

His childhood seemed like a prison, as did his adulthood.

Like many who suffer in childhood, unconditional love and acceptance is what he yearned for his short 50 years.

Now his beautiful children, who clearly loved their father, will be in the continual sadistic crossfire of his paparazzi-tortured life, fought for in the courts. It will all be about money.

Now his soul, just as when he was alive, floats about aimlessly while his body decays and is still not allowed death without despair and a brigade of ugliness preventing him to finally rest in peace.

The media has become the scourge of the earth. As a journalist, I am embarrassed about the horrid lengths that newspapers, television and the Web will go to out-rancor the other, not caring at all about gossiping about ant rumor or untruth and only about ratings and sensationalism.

Now I simply call myself a writer, not a journalist. Ironically, the greatest TV journalist in history just passed away, the great, ethical gentleman Walter Cronkite.

Never in our history have we had such a pop icon live such an incredibly strange and fascinating public and private life -- in both life and in death -- never.

Soon there will supposedly be a press conference officially announcing the cause of Michael's death. But don't be surprised if he remains a strange otherworldly ghost, not allowed a burial because of more penurious excuses.

Now in death, this fallen idol like some character in a modernized, twisted Shakespearean tragedy, while loved by perhaps billions of fans all over the world, more than a month after his death, he is not given a burial sight or resting place by his family's choice.

Shame on the media, shame on vile so-called reporters, editors and producers, and shame on some of his family members for giving the press more of what it craves, allowing Michael to continue to be portrayed as an oddity, monster, freak and ghoulish character undeserved of a proper burial ...

No human being deserves such abuse and torment, before or after death.

Allow his soul to be freed from the anguish and torment now.

I am thoroughly repelled and ashamed for what our culture has become.

So should we all.