Revolution Foods In San Francisco: Public School Students To Receive Healthier Meals

In a city that celebrates slow food, it was only a matter of time before its students had access to healthy, fresh meals.

The San Francisco Unified School District rolls out its new dining program Monday when it begins serving food produced by Oakland's Revolution Foods in its cafeterias. The company prides itself on serving high-quality, "never frozen" products with an emphasis on nutrition. Read: toasted soy nuts instead of tater tots and sesame chicken salad instead of salisbury steak.

Revolution beat out Illinois-based Preferred Meal Systems, which has been providing meals to the city's public schools since 2003, when SFUSD put its $9 million contact up for bid last fall. Preferred meal systems responded by suing the district on the grounds that the contract's new recipient didn't have the experience or capacity for the job.

But a San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled in Revolution's favor, and the new meals will be available as planned.

In order to adequately prepare for its new assignment, which involves serving 33,000 meals to 114 schools each day, the company hired 40 new workers.

Revolution Foods has been serving Oakland's public school system since its founding in 2006.



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