(R)EVOLUTION in Tel Aviv: Lilith RIsen at the Woman's Demonstration before the U.S. Embassy

The Tel Aviv Woman's Demonstration on 21 January...

...before the fortress that is the U.S. Embassy...

...activated Lilith Risen, full awakened and ready to fight for her equal stature...

...just as the 20 January Trump Inauguration astrological chart predicted with the Moon contacting Lilith in the occult sign of Scorpio twenty-four hours later, during the Woman's March on Washington..

Mixing Jewish songs, prayers and chants, the crowd called for a world unity that includes Palestinians.

"Nasty Girls" sums up the biblical character known as Adam's First Wife who flew off to the Red Sea after refusing to lay under him...

This iconic figure of Jewish mythology triggers an awakening as fierce as she is bold...

...made evident with the sheer audacity of Israeli artist Mira Maylor's "Selfie Edition: Lilith".

Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld is a cultural critic based in Berlin.
Demonstration images copyright Lisa Paul Streitfeld.
Mira Maylor's "Lilith" image is courtesy of the art.