Revolution Muslim, Website Of Group That Threatened Comedy Central, Is Hacked

What a bad night for the radical fundamentalist creeps at Revolution Muslim, the goons who threatened "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone along with the entire Comedy Central organization yesterday over an episode of "South Park", which contained images of Mohammed that were eventually censored. While a nation of "Daily Show" fans were tuning in to watch an angry Jon Stewart lead another performance of his "Go Fuck Yourself" choir in retaliation, visitors to the Revolution Muslim site found that their homepage had been hilariously hacked.

The damage is free for all to see this morning as well:

I'm going to yield back the balance of my time to the good comedian from New York.

UPDATE: As confirmed to Gawker, Revolution Muslim was hacked by forcibly redirecting visitors to a parody site called Revolution Islam. An earlier version of this story said Revolution Islam was hacked.

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