'Revolution': Dr. Horn Uses Torture To Explore Aaron's New Powers (VIDEO)

While it was crude and very painful for Aaron, Dr. Horn's brutal methods on "Revolution" did start providing some answers as to how Aaron's powers work. To test his healing power, Dr. Horn simply used some very low-tech blades to slice Aaron's skin open and then sat back and watched as Aaron healed.

"The nanites in your body are behaving in a highly individual way, repairing your cells," he noted. Flashbacks revealed that Horn's father was extremely religious, and that Horn rejected faith completely. "There is an invisible power that can save people. It just doesn’t come from heaven, that’s all," he told Aaron. "And you’re going to teach me how to use it."

Horn further explained that he was dying, and he needed to be able to harness Aaron's abilities to save his own life. The experiment then moved on to Aaron's pyrokinesis. As this one is triggered by emotions, Horn brought in Sylvia and then had her stabbed in front of Aaron. That brought the fire as the episode faded to black.

Buddy TV's Bill King pointed out that it wasn't all that bright of Horn to keep Aaron in the town's paper factory. After all, this is a guy who tends to start fires when he's upset ... and you're torturing him and his loved ones!

"Revolution" continues on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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