Revolutionary "Online Hospital" Makes Expert Second Opinions Available Worldwide

A revolutionary online healthcare service makes it possible for patients to archive and disseminate critical medical information, wherever and whenever needed around the world. Having won the trust of doctors and specialists globally, the New York based service amounts to a distinguished "on-line hospital" staffed by the very best doctors. And it's now available to discerning American consumers of medical services, and their doctors.

" brings second opinions and medical consultations into the twenty first century," explains Medocopin's CEO, Kenan Ordu. "We created and its integrated archival system, Medihis (for Medical History) for the express purpose of enabling patients to get vibrant, accurate second opinions from the best doctors around the world." Indeed, much of the second opinion can be video-conferenced, allowing for a greater accuracy and personalization of medical information. In short, the patient gets a second opinion across a continent or across the globe with the very best specialists. This is especially urgent when a patient faces, as often happens in such matters, time sensitive decisions as whether or not to operate, or choices as to the best procedure or medication available.

Because of the growing globalization of medicine and the greater array of choices, some of which can be confusing or conflicting, the combination of and Medihis can be helpful and even life saving.

"I believe that represents the future of medicine," says Dr. Rock G. Positano, Director of the Non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. "It makes it possible for everyone to archive their medical records and share them with specialists throughout the world. All medical documentation and scan images (MRI, CT Scan, X-ray, etc.) are available in one centralized location, which greatly facilitates the consultation process."

Dr. Positano also emphasized that's easy-to-use features and exceptional security safeguards make it the ideal system for working remotely. "I can easily keep in touch with all of my overseas patients while ensuring the privacy of their medical records and of our interactions. This unique system provides me with the opportunity to help many more people, and it is a great pleasure for me to be able to share my expertise using this groundbreaking technology."

One of Dr. Positano's patients from Istanbul, Turkey, ST, who gets medical opinions via, is equally enthusiastic about's benefits from the patient's perspective. ST mentioned "when surgery was recommended for my health problem, I started to look for alternative treatments. A friend recommended and I was amazed by how easy it was to use. Without the hassle of travel or any other costly procedures, I was able to deliver all of my medical documents and images to the expert doctor in the U. S. whom I selected."

Not only was the process simple and convenient, but also ST didn't have to wait a long time for a consultation. "We set up the appointment that same week, which I really appreciated since I was so worried about my situation and having to decide whether to have surgery," said ST. "Before the meeting, I received notification emails that helped me prepare, and I made a list of all of my questions and concerns. I met with Dr. Positano by using`s live face-to-face videoconference option, and it was almost like being in the same room. Dr. Positano reviewed all my MRI and my X-Ray's with me. I felt so relieved. The best part is that the conference was recorded and stored in my personal account, so that I can access it anytime I need to review the entire conversation again."

ST's experience is hardly unique and indicates why is the best choice for anyone seeking remote medical advice. "We not only offer access to world-class medical expertise, we also have a deep concern for the comfort and security of patients," says's CEO Kenan Ordu "That's why we've done everything we can to ensure that is safe, supportive and welcoming. is HIPAA-compliant. With its state-of-the-art security features and user-friendly interface, is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to take control of their own or their loved ones health. " Interested? See the website for further details.