ReWalk Exo-Skeleton Robot Gives Paraplegics The Ability To Walk Again (VIDEO)

Yet again, modern technology is making the impossible, possible.

It is a moving, jaw-dropping scene. Agnes Fejerdy, who was paralyzed seven years ago in a car accident, stands up and out of her wheelchair and walks down a sidewalk past an amazed crowd Monday, as captured in the KTLA video above.

She's wearing an $85,000 exo-skeleton robot, called ReWalk. It designed by an Israeli engineer who is himself paralyzed, and The Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey, Calif. is the only facility in the Western U.S. that currently has the device.

Using micro computers and very light-weight motors, the ReWalk robot enables patients with low-limb paralysis to climb stairs, get in and out of a car and go in and out of a restroom, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mindy Aisen explained to KTLA.

The device is currently approved by the FDA for hospital settings only. Researchers hope to get it approved for home-use and to advance the technology to be effective for people with paralysis from the neck down.

Fejerdy told KTLA that her dream is to "go out to the streets and talk with the people face to face... and not from the wheel chair." With the exoskeleton, it's now possible.