Rex Rammell, Gubernatorial Candidate, Calls For God To Help Save Constitution

Remember Rex Rammell? He's the Idaho Republican who made headlines after he joked in August 2009 about hunting President Barack Obama with guns, an incident which he went on to describe as a boon to his gubernatorial campaign. In the wake of the ensuing outrage, Rammell suggested that the "country needs to lighten up."

But what he is apparently deadly serious about is how God needs to save the Constitution, in accordance with the teachings of various Mormon prophets.

Rex Rammell said recently it is time for citizens to "rise up" and defend the Constitution. He said he will spread that message on the campaign trail.

"To think that we can save the Constitution without God's help when the government of the United States is corrupt is absurdity," he said. "We are in America's second Revolutionary War to save our freedom, which we paid for with blood. We need God's help and I'm not ashamed to ask for it."

None of this has endeared Rammell to either Idaho Republicans or members of the LDS community. But Rammell's remarks do raise larger questions, such as "When and how often did the United States Constitution cheat on Elin Nordegren?"


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