Rex Ryan Press Conference: Jets Coach Appears Flustered After Preseason Game (VIDEO)

The New York Jets quarterbacks didn't do anything to make Rex Ryan's decision for the Week 1 starter any easier on Saturday night. Rookie Geno Smith threw three interceptions and ran out of his own end zone for a safety, while Mark Sanchez took a big hit and injured his shoulder late in the fourth quarter of the Jets' preseason win over the Giants. That led to a bizarre postgame press conference from Ryan, who suddenly mentioned free speech and literally turned his back to reporters.

First, Ryan had to answer questions about why he put Sanchez in the game in the first place. His answer didn't seem to satisfy reporters. He then was asked about whether Smith has a chance to be the starter in the Jets' season opener.

"I don't have to answer a question," said a noticeably frustrated Ryan. "I answer it the way I said and from day one I said we will make the announcement of the starting quarterback when we think it's the appropriate time. Not when you, not when this person or this person or this person. Now maybe that person. But that's about it."

The reporter continued to press Ryan about the quarterback battle and that's when it took a strange turn.

"I can say anything I want. That's the beauty of this country," he said, before turning sideways.

Meanwhile, Sanchez is listed as day-to-day with an injured right shoulder.




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