Reza Aslan Talks With Jon Stewart About Insane Fox News Interview (VIDEO)

Religion expert Reza Aslan was back on Wednesday night to talk with Jon Stewart about his Fox News interview in July that has been deemed "the most embarrassing interview" of the decade.

During an interview with Fox News about his new book, "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth," host Lauren Green repeatedly questioned why Aslan would write a book about Christianity if he is Muslim, even though Aslan clearly noted that he is a scholar with a Ph.D in the history of religion.

Not a second after Aslan sat down on the "Daily Show," Stewart got right to it.

"I just want to be clear, you're a Muslim right?" he said, mocking the Fox News host. "Why would you write a book on the founder of Christianity?"

"This is my secret Muslim plan to destroy Christianity," Aslan joked.

Stewart just couldn't help himself:

"I don't know if you remember this-- you went on Fox and that lady was asking you those questions and I was just watching that like, 'OH MY GOD! REZA’S GOING TO STRANGLE THIS PERSON!'" he shouted.

Watch the video for the full clip.