Reza Aslan's Reddit AMA Interview Includes A Jesus And Muhammad Joke And Thoughts On Pope

Reza Aslan, author of "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth," became an Internet hero last week for his deadpan demeanor and nerves of steel while responding to a Fox News anchor's barrage of questions about why he, a practicing Muslim, would be interested in writing a book about Jesus. The anchor was seemingly unaware of his status as a top religious scholar, as Aslan has degrees in Religions from three universities, including Harvard, and is a New Testament expert.

In addition to his religious credentials, he also has a great sense of humor, as we all saw during his cringe-inducing interview, where he had to repeatedly explain his expertise to Fox News religion correspondent Lauren Green.

All the controversy seems to be helping as Zealot has reached No. 1 on Amazon.

The author further endeared himself to the Internet during a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" on Monday, where he provided the punchline for a joke about what happens when Jesus and Muhammad walk into a bar.

reza alsan ama

Aslan also shared his thoughts on Pope Francis, recently in the news for his open-minded remarks about gay priests, which have been hailed by many as indicative of a sea change in the Church's attitude towards homosexuality.

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Aslan had the opportunity to address the topic of his own personal faith in a more nuanced way on Reddit, talking about the truths that are available in all religions.

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The level of discussion was far more enlightened and informative on the popular Internet forum than it was on Fox News, which Aslan also addressed.

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Aslan 1, Fox News 0.

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