Reza Aslan To Chuck Todd: If You Don't Believe That Muslims Denounce Terrorism, Google It

Reza Aslan: Google It If You Don't Believe Muslims Denounce Terrorism

With a fresh wave of Islamophobia rising in Western countries following the attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, Reza Aslan joined Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" Sunday to refute the idea that not enough Muslims are denouncing terrorism.

Azlan -- a prominent religious scholar and author, who also happens to be Muslim -- made headlines last year when a Fox News religion correspondent questioned his motives for writing a book on Jesus of Nazareth, and has frequently battled Bill Maher over what he perceives to be ignorant comments about Islam.

On Sunday, when Todd asked Aslan who in the Muslim community is going to "stand up" in the aftermath of the attack, Aslan felt the need to point out that most Muslims already have.

"First of all, let's be clear. Every single major Muslim organization throughout the world and in the United States, every prominent individual -- be it political or religious leaders -- everyone has condemned not just this attack, but every attack that occurs in the name of Islam," Aslan said. "And anyone who keeps saying that ‘We need to hear the moderate voice of Islam. Why aren’t Muslims denouncing these violent attacks?’ doesn’t own Google.”

The tail-end of the comment inspired laughter from the panel, but Aslan continued by outlining the importance of putting out a "counter narrative" to anti-Muslim rhetoric.

“The answer to Islamic violence is Islamic peace, the answer to Islamic bigotry is Islamic pluralism," Aslan said. "The voice of condemnation is deafening, and if you don't hear it, then you're not listening."

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