Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says Potential Veep Pick Aaron Rodgers Is 'Battle-Tested'

"I really like Aaron because ... we’re trying to make sure the young people are participating in the political process," the presidential candidate said.

The news that independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is said to be considering Aaron Rodgers for his running mate is a real head-scratcher for many.

Kennedy is set to announce his vice presidential pick March 26 in Oakland, California, and Rodgers is reportedly on the shortlist, along with Jesse “The Body” Ventura, the former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler.

On Wednesday night, Kennedy explained on Fox News why an NFL quarterback with no political experience should be second in line as the leader of the free world.

The short answer: He’s “battle-tested.”

Sure, Rodgers seems to love conspiracy theories and hate vaccines as much as Kennedy, but this isn’t the main reason that the political nepo baby is considering the QB for VP.

“I really like Aaron because, you know, our appeal is to young people, we’re trying to make sure the young people are participating in the political process, that they have hoped for America,” Kennedy said. “We want somebody young who’s going to look out for that generation. Aaron Rodgers is battle-tested.”

He said that Rodgers has “stood up for things we believe in,” even when he’s been “hammered by the press.”

Kennedy added:

He’s a critical thinker, and I think we need that at the time as you know the rise of AI [artificial intelligence]. We need people who understand that you cannot always trust authority just because somebody’s in charge. It doesn’t mean that they’re telling you the truth, and we want somebody who’s going to critically examine.

Kennedy then cited his father, former Attorney General and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, as a reason why Rodgers would be a good choice.

“My father used to say one of the duties of living as a citizen of democracy is to maintain a constant posture of skepticism toward authority. And I think Aaron’s shown that,” Kennedy Jr. said. “He’s also somebody who I think will help me get the country healthy again. You know, he’s 40 years old. He’s focused on his own health. He’s very aware of health issues. And you know, that’s one of the things I’m going to — that’s one of the key parts of my agenda, is to get the country healthy again.”

You can see his remarks on Fox News below.

Kennedy’s praise of Rodgers came within hours of a CNN story that said the NFL star believed the 2012 massacre at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 20 children dead, was an inside job orchestrated by the government.

Rodgers denied that he was a Sandy Hook truther on Thursday, but hasn’t publicly commented on the possible vice presidential offer.

Podcast host Pat McAfee, who has had Rodgers on his show weekly during the NFL season, said that the QB was in Costa Rica for an ayahuasca retreat when the VP news broke.

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