These Photos Contain More Than 16 Million Different Colors

This Photo Contains More Than 16 Million Different Colors

These photos below were made using one pixel for each of the 16,777,216 colors in the RGB spectrum -- and they're gorgeous.

RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue -- three colors of light that can be combined in distinct ratios to produce more than 16 million visibly different colors. Thanks to their light-up screens, computers produce and display colors on the RGB spectrum, along with TVs, digital cameras and other tech devices with displays that depend on light.

For the connoisseurs at, the RGB model is a new way to challenge artists. There's plenty of art in black and white, in three-color and in sepia -- but can an artist make a coherent picture using every color a computer can display?

The answer is yes. And beautifully.




Take a look at even more RGB art at H/T PetaPixel.

Art by Eric Burnett, ita and 1COmMJz2, courtesy of


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