RGIII Third-Stringer -- Redskins Name Kirk Cousins As Starter

The Washington Redskins are marking 2015 as the year for change. This means that Kirk Cousins will hold the reigns to the offense while RGIII gets demoted.

According to coach Jay Gruden, who has been outspoken against his "yips" stricken, one-time-star and former starter, RGIII, it's time for Kirk Cousins to come aboard as the starter for the team.

"We feel like at this time, Kirk Cousins gives us the best chance to win," coach Jay Gruden said. "It's Kirk's team."

Since January, 2013, when RGIII torn the ACL and MCL in his right leg, which resulted in a playoff loss to a rising Seattle team, he's never been the same.

Cousins was also drafted fourth in the same draft that saw Griffin come alive and ultimately win Rookie of the Year. Since Cousins has been battling it out for the starting job in Washington, Gruden has said that he's "taken a giant leap" -- notwithstanding the five picks he tossed back in week 7 of last year, of course.

Cousins is no stranger to the Redskins. He played nine games when Griffin was out, resulting in a shabby 2-7 win loss ratio. Hardly something to drool about or get excited over.

Reggie Griffin III is sidelined due to injury and won't start for the Redskins.[/caption]

Now, as it turns out, Griffin will be sitting on the bench next to Colt McCoy. Given the propensity for Jay Gruden to mock his former starter, it's likely that he's been demoted to RG Third-Stringer.

The day is not done for him yet, if he can manage a comeback. That may come this year if Cousins screws up too much under pressure (which he has knack for doing).

Griffin's real issue lies in injury, not in lack of talent.

When the stats are compared side-by-side to Cousins', there is no comparison. On paper, RGIII looks great, which is why he is still considered a possible starter in the future (whether that's for the Skins or another team).

Given that he's due $16 million in cap space next year, he'll likely be traded away to a suitable suitor, or have to accept a lower salary to stay on the team.

In three years with the Skins, RGII has put up 8,097 yards, 40 touchdowns and 23 picks with a 90.6 QBR and a healthy 60.3% completion percentage. Definitely star quality.

By comparison, Kirk Cousins has put up just 3,030 yards, 18 touchdowns and 19 picks with a meager 77.5 QBR and just a 59% completion percentage.

Sounds like it's Tebow Time (ahem, Cousins Time) in Washington, for some reason. And that reason is all Gruden.

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