Rhode Island Soccer Fight: Nine High School Girls Suspended (VIDEO)

Nine high school girls have been suspended for their involvement in a massive November 8 fight at a soccer game in Rhode Island. The AP has more, and video of the fight is embedded below.

(AP) Nine members of two high school girls' soccer teams have been suspended for their roles in a fight that sparked a brawl in the bleachers.

The suspensions were announced Tuesday by the Rhode Island Interscholastic League. They range from two games to one year. Coaches from both Woonsocket and Tolman high schools also were issued unspecified sanctions.

The fight broke out after two players collided during a Nov. 8 game. A television news camera recorded the girls throwing punches and pulling hair, and fans fought in the bleachers during an awards ceremony.

The Interscholastic League says the punishments show that fighting and unsportsmanlike conduct won't be tolerated.