Rhode Island Teachers FIRED: Central Falls High School Officially Fires All Teachers

Seventy-four Rhode Island teachers have been fired from Central Falls High School, as well as 19 staff members, including the principal, USA Today reports.

The elimination of the 93 school employees was validated by the Central Falls High School school board, when it voted 5-2 last night to fire all teachers from the under-performing school.

The school's superintendent Frances Gallo made the recommendation last week, stating the move was necessary due to "callous disregard" by the union.

In August 2009, the school's superintendent wrote in a message to students' parents: "Remember, we need YOU if we are to reach our potential: All Children and Adults Achieving at High Levels."

Central Falls High School offers grades 10-12 and it had been one of the lowest-achieving schools in the state, per the Providence Journal.